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Research has shown that Oncology Massage can improve the quality of life and assist with managing symptoms for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer.

Oncology massage is a particular therapy designed specifically to deliver a safe and therapeutic massage to clients with cancer, and who may be undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation.

This therapy is known to improve symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Other symptoms such as shortness of breath, memory problems, dry mouth or disturbed sleep

Wood Bay Natural Health massage therapist, Clare Brokenshire is a qualified and accredited Oncology Massage Therapist and has been trained specifically to conduct a massage session using only a light touch.

Clients can expect a gentle and safe massage which has been modified from the traditional massage experience in order to accommodate the various symptoms of their disease.

As a part of this concept we have a general rule of thumb with OM body work and that is: if you can’t eat it or drink it then don’t put it on your skin! Skin is our largest organ which absorbs as well as excretes.
When working with clients who have bodies and immune systems already compromised from the treatment of cancer, we use Melrose Almond Oil to avoid exposing them to more biological strain. H2 Superfine oils are keenly promoted in the massage industry and, once on the skin, are absorbed, processed and discarded in the normal way.

Studies which have documented the positive benefits of Oncology Massage have also highlighted the additional efficacy of meditation. Wood Bay Natural Health includes this modality in our services – read more here.